10 Tips to Stop Snoring

10 Tips to Stop Snoring

A common sleeping disorder that appears predominantly with the masculine population, snoring is generally caused by irregularities present in people’s oral cavity, but it can also be an indicator of more serious health problems such as a heart condition or high blood pressure. Besides, it is certainly an annoying phenomenon, especially for those sharing the bed with a heavy snorer. Here are some tips that would help you stop snoring and regain the peace of your and your partner’s sleep:

  1. Avoid lying on your back. Turn on one side and support your body with pillows if you have the habit of moving around in your sleep.
  2. Use a thick pillow or several pillows so that the position of your head does not allow the tongue to fall backwards. If you are used with a lower pillow, you will find it uncomfortable for a few days, but in the end, you will get used to it.
  3. Use a room humidifier as dry air does not help with snoring.
  4. Clean your nose regularly. Accumulated impurities block the airways.
  5. Put a bit of menthol balm on your upper lip before going to bed. Menthol unblocks the airways and you will breath easier.
  6. Quit smoking as it affects the overall lung capacity.
  7. Avoid copious dinners and alcohol consumption if you want to get a good night sleep.
  8. Lose some weight. Overweight causes breathing problems.
  9. Avoid consuming dairy products in the evening because they contain fats, which alter the composition of the throat mucus, causing breathing difficulties.
  10. Do some exercises to strengthen your jaws, facial and throat muscles. Move your mouth as if you were chewing gum, strip your lips like preparing for a kiss or tight them as if you were in front of a photo camera.

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