Amazing Water-Laser Treatments For Your Teeth

Amazing Water-Laser Treatments For Your Teeth

Dental treatments have become more and more innovative over the years. Nowadays, people can forget about pain or other types of discomfort when going to the dentist, as there are many painless and stress-free solutions for their medical problems. One of these solutions is the Water Laser Treatment which uses a combination between laser and water to treat cavities and other problems.

Laser has been used in various medical procedures over the years, but quite recently it managed to be used during dentistry work. When replacing the drill, this technology manages to leave your teeth without any cracks that are possible to appear due to vibration and hard contact with the tissue. There’s also a reduced risk for harming gums and healthy tissue that surrounds the tooth that is being cleaned.

Cross contamination is another important issue, not just in dentistry but in medicine overall. Because these utensils are used by a large amount of patients, there is a slight risk for contamination for every client. With this technology, since there is no contact with the tissue, there’s also no risk for cross contamination, which makes it an even safer procedure.

Dentists will use a drill for cavities but the problem with it is the fact that is uses friction which will also heat the area and cause pain to the patient. Also, there is a slight chance of thermal damage which can have some harsh consequences on short term and possibly long term. The innovative system that uses water and laser has a spray of air that cuts and shapes a certain part of your tooth without any contact or pain so there is no need for anesthetic.

The fact that it is constructed to use water as its tool, the system will also be safe and healthy for your body. Also, it will rapidly heal the damaged tissue and you will be able to do more procedures into one appointment without any pain since most people who have experienced this new technology felt absolutely no pain or discomfort.

Fortunately, dentists worldwide use this technique and it may become a widespread technology very soon, which will allow for easier dentist appointments and better treatment.

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