Health Risks Associated with a Sedentary Lifestyle

Health Risks Associated with a Sedentary Lifestyle

It has been scientifically proven that active people are biologically younger than the sedentary ones, who spend their time on the couch, on a chair in front of their computer or in their car. On a biological level, the difference between the most and the least active men can go up to 10 years!

It is already a known fact that a sedentary lifestyle increases susceptibility to have old age-related diseases and to suffer from premature death, in the end. It turns out that inactivity reduces life expectancy not only by increasing the incidence of this type of diseases and health conditions, but also because it simply speeds up the aging process.

The American Cancer Society has indeed shown that men who spend more than six hours per day seated have a mortality rate by 20% higher that those who spend less than three hours sitting on a chair. An Australian study also revealed only by holding for more than ten years a sedentary job a man sees his chances of developing cancer, especially the colorectal form, doubled.

But without going that far, the sedentary worker is exposed to many disorders such as diabetes or obesity. In fact, according to Mark Hamilton, a researcher at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, USA, a man consumes, while sitting, three times fewer calories than when walking. The muscles become less reactive and this can put the metabolism on a negative spiral.

Moreover,  Dr. James Levine from Mayo Clinic warns that the effects of a sedentary lifestyle are irreversible and that they cannot be covered for by riding the bike to every day, taking laps in the pool or by replacing lunch break with stretching sessions. The only alternative seems to lie minimizing the risks: getting up regularly from your desk, walking down the hall or in the office or even getting up to do your laces.

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