Herbal Remedies For Spring

Herbal Remedies For Spring

Spring is the season many of us are waiting for and this for countless reasons: the beauty of nature, getting rid of thick clothes, more entertainment opportunities and outdoor activities, etc.. However, spring brings along a number of problems: specific fatigue, allergies, awareness of weight and desperate fight against cellulite. Here are some herbal remedies that will help you fight against spring conditions.

Spring fatigue

A common season specific disorder, spring fatigue is manifested by a permanent state of physical weakness, dizziness and mild depression. Its causes lie in the reduction of vitamin reserves in the body. Besides a diet based on fruits and vegetables, a nettle tea, will definitely have positive effects on the entire body. Despite its rather unpleasant taste, it will provide you with the energy and vitality that you need for the warm season.


Spring allergies are quite common, even for the least sensitive people. Sneezing, watery eyes, cough and other types of respiratory problems appear during this season as the body’s reaction to pollen and botanical parts flying in the air. As trees and flowers blossom during the second part of spring, allergies usually appear from late March to late May.

It is true that there are several efficient pills and that you can take some precautionary measures against these allergies. For example, you can protect yourself by installing nets in front of the windows or you can avoid spending too much time outdoors. However, it would be a pity not to enjoy the warm weather of spring in an attempt to prevent allergies. So, the best solution is represented by natural teas. Thyme, eucalyptus, nettle or red clover are the best options when it comes to allergies.  Try to drink a cup of tea made from one or more of these plants throughout the period in which you run the risk of an allergic reaction.


Usually during the winter, our bodies do not get the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, especially because we eat a lot of meat and processed products. This is why a powerful detoxification diet is recommended when spring approaches. Besides diet, which should exclude meat, fats, sweets, coffee and alcohol and that must include many fresh fruits and vegetables, drinking teas would be good idea. Among the most suitable herbal remedies for detoxification and weight loss include wormwood, green tea, chamomile and nettle.

You can further enhance the effects of this detoxification diet by adding a natural cleanse program to your regimen. Cleanses crafted with fiber and herbs are a gentle yet highly effective way to promote your body’s own detoxification processes and help jump start your metabolism.

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