How To Lose Weight With No Effort

How To Lose Weight With No Effort

When people hear about losing weight, they only think about how many sacrifices they have to do to stay in shape and lose a few pounds. But actually losing weight can be an easy process if you just follow a few tips.

1 – Avoid sodas – we always hear this advice when we want to lose some weight and that’s because it is a very decent advice and will help you lose a few pounds a month if you are a frequent soda drinker. You can eat fresh fruits or diet soda to cut a few calories. Also, by eliminating carbonated soft drinks and water you will eliminate water retention and feel less bloated. If you want to look good for a special event a good idea would be to stop drinking all the above a few weeks before the event. Your body and your skin will show significant improvement in no time. Also when it comes to hydrating your body, about 10 glasses of water each day will definitely help you eat less and be more energetic.

2 – A small portion is the key – reducing your portions is a good tip when trying to lose weight. But if you don’t feel satisfied you can always add more salad or other low calorie products. You will cheat your hunger, eat significantly less when it comes to calories and feel full. You can also try to eat small portions but have many meals throughout the day, this way you can really increase your metabolism. Just make sure that the portions are really small and you don’t end up eating 6-7 whole big meals each day.

3 – Exercise – don’t think about hard exercise, concentrate on moving more. You can do a few pushups when you have a few free moments at the office and you can do some crunches while watching a movie in the evening. A good idea would be to go for a short walk just before you go to bed, it will help you sleep better and enhance your metabolism. While we’re on the subject, you should also know that most studies show a significant improvements to people’s metabolism when they sleep more. Make sure you rest well, about 7-8 hours are necessary for a good night’s sleep.

4- Do/Eat something you really like from time to time – Let’s be honest, diet and exercising are not fun and you should always find ways to make yourself better after a certain period without cheating. You can eat something you like or you can go and buy a new outfit that will make you feel better. It will keep you motivated, boost your confidence, and make you feel better for a while.

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