Inexpensive Fitness Equipment – Skipping Rope

Inexpensive Fitness Equipment – Skipping Rope

Everybody remembers the jump rope or the skipping rope from when they were young as it was such a fun activity and also a way to do some physical exercise. It was done alone or in groups and it never failed to entertain. You can still use a skipping rope nowadays even if you are older, it has the same if not better effects on your body. Some have compared using a skipping rope with jogging and bicycle riding and when it reaches its full potential and you are vigorously using it, you can burn up to 700 calories per hour, which is probably one of the highest amounts of calories that can be burn from an activity in such a small amount of time.

Training with a skipping rope might prove to be quite difficult as it is an intense cardio workout very few people can endure. The secret is to start slow with a few minutes of light jumping and gradually building endurance from there. You can combine exercises and even create your own workout program if you want or you can have a training combination that would involve using a skipping rope and some strength training.

Many people believe that using a skipping rope will only help them strengthen their legs and getting a workout only for a few parts of their body, but that’s completely wrong. It will definitely have effects on your arms, lower back, shoulders and even your abdomen so it can be considered a full body workout and definitely a cheap and fun one. There are also professional skip ropes that have a computer implemented that measures the jumps and the calories you consume if you need to keep track of those.

The great thing about the skipping rope is the fact that it can be used for training, especially by people who want to lose weight but don’t have time to go to the gym or can’t afford it. It is quite an inexpensive type of equipment and you won’t need a fancy one with features to see the effects, any sturdy rope will actually do the trick.

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