Innovative Use Of Psychotherapy In Dentistry

Innovative Use Of Psychotherapy In Dentistry

Some people are extremely afraid of the dentists, but still manage to make appointments and resist through the whole process. However, other may have phobias due to a traumatic event or an extremely unpleasant encounter with a dentist. Whether the pain plays an important role or not during this procedure is a subjective matter, the good thing is that nowadays there are all kinds of treatments that will allow patients feel less discomfort during medical procedures. Two of these innovative techniques are meditation and hypnosis during dentistry procedures. With the help of a psychotherapist, the patient is relaxed and manages to cope better with the stress even when they have a great phobia related to it.  Another technique, very new and interesting, is undergoing hypnosis and avoiding the use of anesthetic. Some people may be allergic to most types of anesthetic and experience great discomfort after the procedure due to this fact. Fortunately, with the help of a psychotherapist, people can use hypnosis and have a pain free procedure. This probably sounds pretty new-age or unbelievable but there have been quite a few cases that were successfully treated.

The procedure is much simpler than a person would believe; with the help of a hypnotherapist the person goes into a deep relaxation and concentrates to make the area that will be treated as numb as possible. Obviously, this may take a few sessions to be achieved, but it is definitely a great technique for those who don’t want to be sedated.

For those who suffer from phobias or have a great distress relating dentistry and dentists, the procedure is much simpler. By using a series of relaxation techniques and different cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, the person will gradually decrease their fear for dentists and ultimately manage to undergo the procedure they need. There are discussions about implementing psychotherapy sessions before dentist’s appointments for those patients who have an irrational fear. This would probably decrease the number of people who suffer from bad health due to their fear of going to the dentist.

Whether this technique will be implemented or not, it’s not up to us; however, people are able to try it with their own psychotherapist or they can even ask their dentist if they have experience with such a procedure and get help from there.

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