Invisible Teeth Correction – Lingual Braces

Invisible Teeth Correction – Lingual Braces

Braces are probably some of the most depressing things a child could wear when their teeth start to develop, not to mention how terrible it can be for some adults to wear them. Fortunately, for those who have always felt self-conscious about their braces, nowadays, there is an innovative way to get invisible braces. These invisible braces are actually called lingual braces and they practically solve all the problems people ever had with braces in the first place, their appearance and the way they make your smile look.

They are called lingual braces because they are attached to the inside of your mouth and the back of your teeth instead of the front, like traditional braces are attached. Most people choose this type of treatment to avoid wearing traditional braces that can actually damage the appearance of your teeth. Also, they are great for adults who want to correct their teeth but don’t feel like wearing braces at their age.

These new lingual braces take the same amount of time to correct the teeth like normal braces, usually between 6 to 24 months. The good thing is that they are invisible and you don’t need to take them off during important events or delay starting your treatment. There is also a vibrating device that can increase your teeth movement for about 40% if used every day so this process can take significantly less. Some people may achieve their perfect smile in less than a year without having to make compromises in terms of aesthetic appearance.

There are also some downsides to braces, but they are the same as for normal braces. The lingual braces will act in the beginning exactly like traditional braces and may give you some pain and discomfort but there are various ways to prevent it as you can use pain killers in the first few days.

If you are planning to get lingual braces you should ask your dentist if they provide such treatment as not all dentists use this type of braces for their patients, but Dental practitioners from Mt Pleasant Dental offers Invisble Braces services. Although they can be a bit more expensive than traditional braces, they are definitely worth the extra money since they offer invisible and better treatment for your teeth.

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