Managing Cravings During Diet

Managing Cravings During Diet

We probably all know that cravings during a diet are the number one thing that makes us give up our diet program. But there are some ways to avoid cravings and make sure that you control all your culinary desires.

There are different types of people and therefore different types of cravings: some people crave for fatty foods, others crave for extremely sweet things and the third type craves for salty foods.

If you are more of the salty craving type you probably want to eat a lot of chips, soya sauce, black olives, popcorn, etc. The problem with this type of craving is the fact that besides a lot of calories contained by most of the salty foods, the salt itself is unhealthy. A good tip would be to use different aromas in your food like oregano, pepper, lemon, basil, mint, etc. These would improve the taste of your food and you won’t need to add too much salt. Some other alternatives would be eating unsalted crackers, mustard, or homemade potatoes chips. You can make homemade chips by slicing a potato very thin and baking those stripes in the oven. If you don’t add too much salt it can be a great snack.

A lot of people prefer sweet things like chocolate, soda, candies, cake, etc. This is probably one of the most common cravings but that’s because studies show that most people sense sweetness at a lower value. The problem with sweets during a diet is not only the fact that they have a lot of calories but also because you don’t get enough energy. You should try eating fruits, diet jelly, pudding and more sweet foods that will satisfy your sweet tooth but without the calories.

Besides desiring sweets and salty foods some people really want some fatty food items, especially those who follow a low fat diet. Fat is an essential part of our diet but craving for pizza, fried potatoes or fried meat is not the best thing for your weight loss program. Make sure that you eat enough of the essential fats like olive oil, fish and nuts and try to eat less fat and more fibers whenever you get a craving. Fibers help eliminate fats from your body so they are a good option if you ate too much one day. Also, extreme diets will also make you crave for fatty foods so be aware of that.

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