Nordic Walking and Its Benefits

Nordic Walking and Its Benefits

Recreational activity with numerous healthy benefits, Nordic walking is very popular in Scandinavian countries, where it originated from and it has become increasingly successful in Western European countries like France, Germany and Switzerland during the last decades. A combination of classical marching and jogging, it helps practitioners work every muscle in their body (both upper and lower limbs), unlike the former ones, which focus primarily on legs. This comprehensive work is possible through the use of two sticks, similar to those used in skiing, called Nordic sticks.

The principle is very simple: the body is propelled forward by means of these sticks, at a moderate speed. This is the constant balancing of the arms forward allows the body to be worked out harmoniously. One of the few sports which appeared from the collaboration of medical professionals and athletes, Nordic walking brings along a long series of benefits for the mental and physical well being of those who practice it.

  • Smooth exercise for the muscles: legs, abs, shoulders, buttocks, arms … Nordic walking is a comprehensive work out, ideal for maintaining a harmonious silhouette.
  • Better breathing: thanks to the dynamism provided by the sticks, the pulmonary amplitude is larger, thereby increasing oxygen consumption by 60% if compared to normal walking.
  • Calories burned faster: the calories consumption is greater than the one involved by conventional walking: 400 calories burned in only one hour! More energy expenditure means a slender silhouette.
  • Strengthened bones: the walking pole brings the right amount of vibration for strengthening the bones, without assaulting them.
  • Fun: Most often practiced in groups, Nordic walking can invigorate both body and spirit, all in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Nordic walking resembles both in the way it is performed and in point of benefits with skiing, which is actually its origins. The former one developed during the 30s as a result of the will of Finnish skiers to keep their bodies in shape during the summer. Nowadays, Nordic walking has been democratized and is no longer reserved to a limited group of athletes. It is practiced by all those who want to combine physical exercise with trekking or hiking.

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