Therapeutic Benefits of Algae

Therapeutic Benefits of Algae

Algae have the ability to retain a variety of beneficial elements from seawater. In addition to their high concentration of minerals (iodine, calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, cobalt, phosphorus, fluorine), they also contain vitamins, amino acids, chlorophyll, carbohydrates, fats, mucilage … This rich content provides them with real antibacterial, antiviral as well as cosmetic properties: they promote muscle relaxation, they eliminate toxins through sweating, they re-mineralize the body and cleanse the skin.

These many virtues of the algae make the algotherapy an efficient therapeutic treatment for a variety of conditions as well as a popular wellness procedure. Harvested from the seabed, algae are dried, turned into powder and then mixed with seawater. The mode of application differs depending on the desired effect. Here are a few of the basic treatments algotherapy uses:

  • During a wrap, the whole body is smeared with warm seaweed, then covered with a blanket to retain heat. This treatment that accelerates blood circulation, helps the body to eliminate toxins and relaxes the muscles has become extremely popular during the last years and almost all spa centers include it on their offers.
  • The marine balls treatment, which consists of immersing the hands in a warm seaweed mud, is aimed at relieving pain and improving joint flexibility. This therapeutic application can only be local: on the back or certain painful areas such as joints, for a targeted analgesic effect.
  • Algae can also be used on bath, especially jacuzzi: seawater, enriched with finely ground seaweed is stimulated by the bubbling that accelerates the bio-chemical exchange, thus enhancing algae’s therapeutic benefits.
  • Algae enter the composition of many food supplements. For example, agar-agar  – a seaweed extract, consisting of a jelly resulted from boiling several kinds of seaweed together – can be found in specialized naturist shops and in drug stores.  It thickens on contact with water and is used in many recipes in order to make the dishes more filling.

In cryotherapy, algae, considered botanicals with the circulatory virtues, are applied cold. As a result, blood vessels are narrowed and blood circulation activated.

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